Professional Experiences

Center for Biomaterials, Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Position: Visiting Research Scientist (September 2012 – Present)



  • Doing research on biodegradable polymer.
  • Polymerization and copolymerization through bulk process.
  • Utilization of supercritical fluid technology for polymer processing.


  • Peer-reviewed papers : 11 papers
  • Patents: 2 US Patents and 2 Korean Patents
  • More than 20 conferences (Domestic and International)


PT. Kalbe Morinaga Indonesia (Milk Powder Manufacturing)
Position: QA Laboratory Supervisor (July 2007 – March 2009)

Temporary duty as QA Manager (Nov 07 – Feb 08)



  • Supervising more than 7 persons of sub-ordinates for laboratory analysis in WWTP, Incoming Materials, Instruments, and Physical-chemical laboratories.
  • Coordinating sub-ordinate to achieve accurate and timely analysis.
  • Handling customer complain
  • Handling incoming control process and coordinating with suppliers and principal.
  • Managing laboratory based on GLP & ISO 17025.
  • Implementing ISO 9001:2000, GMP, 5P and ISO 22000 systems
  • Doing improvement & cost reduction program in Laboratory (Modify methods of analysis)
  • Develop good climate for action in Laboratory.
  • Reporting to QA Manager


  • 2nd Winner of I2C program with title: Reduce Cost of Fat Content Analysis by method modification (efficiency of electrical and chemical consumption). Implemented in PT Kalbe Morinaga Indonesia since November 2007 until now.
  • Improving method of analysis in PT Kalbe Morinaga Laboratory (Analysis method of moisture content, ash content, protein content, HPLC, and AAS Analysis)
  • Set – up WWTP Analysis in PT Kalbe Morinaga Indonesia since November 2007 until now.
  • Optimize skilled and accurate analyst people
  • Mapping Quality Control System to find critical Speed, Quality & Cost in Finish Product and Incoming Materials
  • Develop good teamwork and communication in QA Laboratory Sub Department (WWTP, Incoming, Instrument, and Physical-chemical laboratories)
  • Develop valid method for AAS and HPLC in Instrument Laboratory (Comply with Morinaga Laboratory Analytical Research Center)


PT. Plasindo Lestari (Flexible Packaging Industry)

Position: QA/QC Supervisor (January 2006 – July 2007)



  • Supervising more than 20 persons of sub-ordinates for controlling 4 production departments
  • Establishing quality monitoring system of material in-process
  • Supporting production, monitoring process and trial improvement of product.
  • Build up control system for production in-process
  • Ensuring implementation of quality management policy
  • Controlling production process based on ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP systems
  • Reporting to QA Section Head


  • Build up Production Control System using Three layer control (Implemented 2007 – now)
  • Set up Fully In-Process Laboratory (Lab Design and control system)
  • Reduce Return of Finish Product from 12% to less than 5%
  • Reduce Non Conforming material in WIP area from 5% to less than 2%
  • Develop good teamwork and communication in In Process Laboratory


PT. Batan Teknologi (January 2005 – December 2005)

Position: QA Officer



  • Establishing quality monitoring system in-process material
  • Ensuring implementation of quality management policy
  • Reporting to QA manager


PT. Curug Lestari Maju (Wooden Frame Manufacturing)

Position: Head of Paint Development Division (June 2004 – December 2005)


Responsibilities :

  • Develop & lead wood paint development division, include create formulation (Included production and R & D)
  • Planning the future product and development strategy
  • Reporting to General Manager


  • Create more than 20 formulas of wooden paint & supporting solvent (Within 5 months)
  • Set up Fully Paint Development Divison (Lab Design and control system)
  • Start production wood paint within 6 month (Include preparation, trial formulation)
  • Develop good teamwork and communication in Paint Development Division

National Project “Studi Kelembagaan Pengawasan Industri Beresiko Tinggi” Puska RKL – BAPETEN (September 2003 – February 2004)
Position: Stakeholder Assistant


Department of Chemistry, University of Indonesia
Position: Chemistry Laboratory Assistant (August 2003 – January 2004)


Laboratory Experience:
Swiss German University
(July 2004)

Position: Head of Chemistry Laboratory



  • Set-up Laboratory Lay-out – Manage Laboratory Practice
  • Create Laboratory Practice Procedures – Control Raw Material
  • Preparing Chemistry Practice Module – Practice Process and Waste management


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